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Stephen Henderson: Private dentistry and the GDC…. am I at risk? – 13:00-13:30

Stephen will describe how the GDC investigates complaints and what the common issues are that arise in private practice. The duty of candour is engaged when mistakes happen and Stephen will explore how to discuss mistakes and near misses with a patient.

He will also discuss the requirements for ECPD and the need to have a Personal Development Plan, including the importance of documenting reflection when a mistake has occurred.

Stephen is a Specialist in Oral Surgery who qualified in London in 1984. After five years in full time hospital practice he went in to general dental practice in Oxford. He continued to work part-time in the Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery department of the John Radcliffe Hospital until 2000, when he joined Dental Protection. He converted his practice to a largely private referral oral surgery practice when he became a full time adviser at DP in 2007.  He continues to work as a visiting specialist in the same practice.

In December 2017 he left DP and joined MDDUS. In his medico-legal career Stephen’s expertise has been complex GDC cases as his medical law degree included a dissertation on Regulatory Law in UK. He has experience of international regulators and the management of claims in a range of jurisdictions. However, dentistry is similar around the world. Success is a mixture of good clinical skills, communication skills and great records, wherever you practice.

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