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Ivona Igerc: When therapy embraces aesthetics – enhancing the lower facial third – 12:30-13:00

Dr Ivona Igerc is a celebrated name in the field of anti-ageing and aesthetic medicine. A graduate with honours from the University of Rijeka, Croatia, Dr Ivona is a distinguished expert in cosmetic dentistry and TMJ disorders. She also has a special interest in the areas of stem cells and regenerative medicine and is currently working on therapeutic applications with adipose-derived stem cells.

An illustrious speaker at many international conferences, Dr Ivona has also published a book and organised several symposiums to mentor medical professionals in the field of anti-ageing and aesthetic medicine. She also holds the credit for successfully organising and moderating the first ever European public forum on stem cells.

She is a member of many globally acknowledged organisations and academies like American Academy of Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Medicine, Asian College of Aesthetic and Regenerative Medicine, and more. She has completed a master in periodontal surgery and prosthesis.

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